Technical Analysis

Put our proven analytical tools to work to achieve your objectives.

By analyzing your company’s situation with our proprietary Aircraft Performance Model and our aerospace engineering expertise, the Leeham team can help identify the most direct and consequential steps your company can take towards a greener future. We draw from our aeronautical consultancy, analyzing more than 200 projects of UAMs, electric aircraft, hybrids and hydrogen aircraft, from turboprops, to open fans and turbofans plus regional, single-aisle, widebody aircraft and more with the publication of over 100 articles on each subject.

Our Proprietary Aircraft Performance Model will get you there from here.

Our performance model stores about 3,000 parameters for each aero vehicle, such as:

  • Dimensions, weights, aerodynamic data, power data, energy consumption, range, duration, reserves, energy costs (fuel, electricity, hydrogen), crew costs, maintenance costs, landing and en-route costs, cash operating costs (COG), Capex, direct operating costs (DOC), revenue and margins.
  • We look at your existing aircraft as well as alternative planes
  • We do financing analysis of the CAPEX for aircraft acquisition and its operations

We’ve also analyzed over 100 propulsion units with GasTurb – a tool used by the engine OEMs, such as:

  • Turbofans, jet engines, turboprops, hybrid turboshafts, electric propulsion, hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen-burning gas turbine propulsion systems
  • GasTurb lists 150 parameters such as Power over altitude, energy consumption, flows, temperatures, pressures, mechanical limitations, etc for each propulsive unit

After seven years researching, analyzing and publishing on sustainability in aviation, we are one of the most knowledgeable organizations in the industry.

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