The pressure is on. 

Your company probably feels the expectation to do something that demonstrates a commitment to some form of sustainability. Relax – if the answer were easy, you’d have it nailed by now.

Aviation keeps finding itself in the climate change crosshairs even though it represents only 2%-3% of the problem. What’s lost in this discussion is what really delivers a solid ROI and sustainable impact when it comes to reducing emissions and increasing efficiencies. The chorus, however, sings the loudest when it comes to battery electric or hybrids – and that’s part of the problem. Just because it works for a car doesn’t mean it translates easily to aircraft. To be sure, our view on electric aircraft is not about discouraging science, technology and innovations. We also understand that the impact of battery or hybrid airplanes would be minuscule because of the many near-term limitations it presents. On the other hand, is hydrogen better? Where do you start?

We can tailor a sustainable strategy to fit your company’s future.

The avenues to ”green” aero transport span everything from hydrogen, hydrogen/hybrid, electric/hybrid, electric/battery and sustainable aviation fuels, or SAF, but in the right proportions and applications. And that’s where we come in.

With over 150 years of combined airline and aviation industry expertise, we look at this challenge through a wider lens. Experience tells us there is no singular Holy Grail solution to achieving sustainability in aviation. It’s really a matter of seeking incremental steps for measurable improvements. This means we look hard at all the interim advances, emerging technologies and applications that can make the biggest difference on the ground and in the air today as we work towards longer-range solutions.

Our clients range from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, airlines, lessors and investors who benefit from our in-depth analysis of air vehicle design/build cost, aeronautical performance, duration, range, costs and revenue capacity. We have a full understanding of regulatory mandates which means we can focus on the best methods, technologies and alternatives.

The Leeham Company advantage is your advantage.

It’s to your advantage to work with an aeronautical engineers and airline consultants who’ve analyzed and published over 100 items on the sustainable aviation subject over the past six years. This may not be new territory for us, but we can help take what feels new to you and deliver a clear, well-researched long- and short-term strategy that achieves a greener future.